Camel Is Our Hero.
Camel Is Our Saviour.
Camel Is Our Hero.
Camel Is Our Saviour.


At Nomadic Camel we share the vision of our Bedouin ancestors and value each element of the Camel. 

We offer to the world diversified unique products all made from different elements of the Camel.

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Do you know the secret gifts of a Camel?

Camel Milk
Skin Care

 Camel Milk is considered the Gold Of The Desert. Bedouins of Arabia used it for its many amazing beauty properties. Even Cleopatra, the most beautiful woman in history, regularly bathed in Camel Milk. Using Camel Milk soap offers a lot of benefits not found in other types of milk.

Camel Milk
Chocolate Dates

The Bedouins relied on Camel Milk and Dates for their nutrition in an environment of scarcity. We have developed this unique product that has combined these nutritional ingredients into Camel Milk Chocolate Dates with Almond. A Super Food!

Camel Wool

Camel Wool is derived from the soft underlay coat of the camels. The flattery texture of the light wool combined with the soft fluffy structures leaves nothing more to be desired. 

Camel Milk

With our secret chocolate recipe with camel milk we wish to reach out to the world spreading the love of Arabic heritage. Ajamrah is an ultimate ode to quality.

Camel Leather

Our handpicked Camel Skin is processed naturally in our tannery to yeild unique textured Camel Leather. All our products are exclusively handmade.


Dare To Be Different


…..folders, calenders. Admit it, you have given them all.

This time dare to be different with your corporate gifts. Show your employees, clients and guest just how much they mean to you by giving a distintictive gift from Nomadic Camel.

Private Label

Not only have we become the region’s premier choice for personal gifts but more and more we see our innovative products being recognised as a beautiful and unique corporate gift.

We offer convenient bulk gifting services that has been proven popular amongst corporate and private customers and for events such as weddings too. Our luxurious and eco friendly options can be branded to your specifications to stand out from the crowd.

Take A Look

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

Why Camel Milk?

Why Camel Milk?


The nutritional benefits of Camel Milk are endless. At Nomadic Camel, we are proud to bring you nature’s most nutritious dairy beverage. I helps in stimulating the immune system, promoting healthy intestinal bacteria, high iron absorption, reducing heart diseases, preventing digestive problems and has 50% less fat. 

And best of all Camel Milk is delicious!


Camel Milk makes you younger! It removes blemishes, pigmentation, age spots and heals stretch marks. The high content of minerals and nutrients hydrate the skin, plumping it, soothing out wrinkle and fine lines.

It is a cure for many skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. It also acts as a natural sun screen.

Highest Standards. Happiest Customers.

Being from the UAE, my skin would always feel dry due to the harsh climate. Sun screens would often damage my skin further with loads of metal chemicals. The Camel Gold Soap with fresh camel milk and first press olive oil was a true saviour for my skin. I swear by this product and highly recommend it.
Fatima Nisar
Professor, American University Dubai
I have been a true fan of Camel Milk, having studied its properties and health benefits. Camel Delights – the Camel Milk Chocolate Dates is a great breakfast Super Food that I have been having since 2 months and already noticing the results in the boost in my energy levels.
Danial Adams
CEO, MGT Media
I was a visitor to Dubai and happened to see all the unique products that were so authentic and not made in China. I was impressed with their creative packaging ideas. Having tried their quality, now I am distributor of their products in Portugal.
Sussana Murano