We at Nomadic Camel share the same vision of our Bedouin ancestors.

We value each element of the Camel and offer to the world, diversified products enriched with a unique camel property.

Our Range


Fatima Ansar
April 3, 2020

Being from the UAE, my skin would always feel dry due to the harsh climate. Sun screens would often damage my skin further with loads of metal chemicals. The Camel Gold Soap with fresh camel milk and first press olive oil was a true saviour for my skin. I swear by this product and highly recommend it.

CEO, MHT Media
April 2, 2020

I have been a true fan of Camel Milk, having studied its properties and health benefits. Camel Delights – the Camel Milk Chocolate Dates is a great breakfast Super Food that I have been having since 2 months and already noticing the results in the boost in my energy levels.

Susana Mourao
April 2, 2020

I was a visitor to Dubai and happened to see all the unique products that were so authentic and not made in China. I was impressed with their creative packaging ideas. Having tried their quality, now I am distributor of their products in Portugal.


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