Man has learnt to survive the harshest of environments.

Bedouins – the nomadic Arabs have survived the arid Arabian desert with hot dry weather, scarcity of water and natural resources.

The Bedouins became experts utilizing their bare minimum supplies available for their survival.

Camels were integral to their survival. These utilitarian beasts, known as the “ship of the desert” were a mode of transport, source of nourishment, and a symbol of wealth.

Bedouins used the camels to its best functionality.  Camel hide would be used to make tents, shoes, warm clothing, while camel hair would be woven into rugs and clothing. Camel milk, packed with nutrients was used to make yogurt, butter and camel meat was served as delicacy.

We at Nomadic Camel share the same vision of our Bedouin ancestors.

We value each element of the Camel and offer to the world, diversified products enriched with a unique camel property.

Our aim at Nomadic Camel is to gift true Arabian tradition in the form of our camel enriched products which every visitor takes back to his family or friends as memory from Arabia.

A Nomadic Camel gift is just not a mere souvenir that can be mass produced and kept in a show case for mere gazing pleasure. We strive to make each product

utility driven

beneficial for health and


Lets have a look at the range of Camel enriched products Nomadic Camel has to offer the world.