Camel milk Chocolate Dates

And thats how we created ….

Premium Camel Milk Chocolate Dates

The nutritional benefits of camel milk are endless. At Nomadic Camel, we are proud to bring you nature’s most nutritious dairy beverage in its most convenient and delicious form.


  • Rich in Protein, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Phosphorous, Vit B1 and less in Fat, Sodium and lactose
  • Benefits by providing stronger muscles and bones
  • Eliminating disease such as heart attacks, immune disorders, mental disorders and allergic reactions. 

The Bedouins survived and relied on the Camel Milk and dates for their nutrition in an environment of scarcity. We have developed a unique product that has combined both these nutritional ingredients into Camel Milk Chocolate Dates with Almond. We would not be wrong in saying that this is the world’s best and most delicious Super Food.